Top Dishes in Latin American Cuisine

making delicious meals at home
making delicious meals at home

Latin America is home to a wide range of culinary delights, each having a distinct mixture of spices and fresh ingredients. Each Latin American country has its unique specialties and dishes, as well as its regional condiments, guacamole for example. Some of the dishes cut across the national Latin borders and are shared common dishes, while others are specific to regions. Some of the top common dishes include:


This refers to a small baked cheese flavored roll which is a popular breakfast dish across Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador. It’s also eaten in Paraguay, Argentina, and Bolivia with each country having its local name.


This is a baked or fried pastry or bread stuffed with meat, cheese, vegetables or fruit among other many fillings. It is available in both savory and sweet tastes and cuts across Brazil, Bolivia, and even Mexico.


This dish has a Portuguese and Spanish origin, referring to beef or grilled meat. It is a prominent delight popular in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Uruguay, and Nicaragua. Restaurants will often serve you with all you can eat Churrasco in buffets with waiters slicing the meat onto guests’ plates: it is popularly referred to in Brazil as rodizio or espeto cardio. expounds on various other cuisines.


Another resident of Latin America cuisine: Tamal is a traditional Mesoamerican dish made using masa-a starchy corn based dough filled with meat, cheese, fruits, vegetables or chilies, then steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper.

Brazilian Feijoada

This is specific to Brazil and is a stew filled with black beans and pork or beef. This dish is best served with rice, vegetables and a variety of sausages. Common side dishes served with this recipe are farofai, made of toasted manioc flour served alongside the Brazilian national cocktail.

Argentinean Barbecue

Asado is an Argentinean popular barbecue cooking style that involves flanked cut beef flakes cooked on an open flame and flavored with chimichurri, commonly prepared with cured sausages, poultry, sweet bread, and cured vegetables. This could be accompanied by wine, a traditional meal that includes a caffeinated herbal beverage field with stimulating vitamins and minerals.

Peruvian Ceviche

Peruvian cuisines are some of the spiciest in Latin America. Ceviche includes seafood cured in citrus juice and spiced with chili peppers. It is usually served with side dishes that complement its flavors such as corn, sweet potatoes, and plantain. Fish is a major food ingredient in Peru due to the surrounding waters in the country. Peruvian food is known as a fusion of flavors due to the blend of international cultures that settled in the area.

Colombian Bandeja Paisa

Bandeja paisa is served on a large oval-shaped platter that contains a variety of foods, including pork and red beans, white rice, ground beef, fried eggs, flatbread, avocado, hogao sauce, and citrus fruit.


Latin America has quite a variety of cuisine that’s both tantalizing to the mouth and rich in flavors and nutrients. If you cannot go to the Latin American countries, then look for a Peruvian restaurant near you and you won’t miss out on this experience.

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