Top 4 Fast Weight Loss Tips

Fast weight loss tips

Fast weight loss tips are one of the most browsed topics nowadays as losing weight for health and for attractive looks is heavily in trend now. Today I am going to share some food ingredients with you that are commonly  present in our meals and contain exceptional weight loss properties .The Scientific research have proven their efficacy in weight loss and you can eat them as a regular meal to stay slim and healthy.


A report from  Journal of Medicine, New England confirms that  a daily serving of yogurt will lessen  your weight. This is confirmed after a four-year study period. Good bacteria in yogurt keep your gut healthy and discontinue the weight gain. Unsweetened-Plain yogurt with fruit and nuts will be a good meal for the breakfast.



Good news for the berry lovers ;A 2016 British Medical Journal study reported that people who ate blueberries and other berries t gained minimum weight over a 24-year Span. The antioxidants and flavonoids in these berries help you to prevent from gaining extra pounds.



PLOS Medicine study 2015 has revealed that eating more cauliflower help you to maintain your weight and gain minimal weight in four years.

Cauliflower weight loss


Turnip (Shaljam) is another good veggie for diet meal as according to scientific estimations each cup of turnip slices contains only 30 calories with 30 percent of recommended vitamin C value needed in a day.


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