Top 3 Eye Exercises To Improve Vision, How To Make Your Eyes More Attractive?


Well, we all know that how important it is to keep our eyes fit because the most noticeable and attractive part of the face is the eyes. Keeping the eyes pretty is tough as whatever you do reflects from your eyes, especially if you are tired and do not get enough sleep your eyes shows it. There are many exercises that can make your eyes look healthy and beautiful. The top 3 eye exercises to improve vision  are as follows:

  • Palm your eyes

 Palming your eyes is the easiest thing that one can do, doing this with the eyes can reduce the tiredness that people feel in their eyes and relaxes the brain as well. Close your eyes and press them with your palms lightly, so that your eyes can relax. The best way to do this is to sit in a comfortable place or a chair; rub your hands and when they get lightly warm, then put them on the eyes.


  • Massage your eyes

 Massaging the eyes improves the blood circulation, it is the best remedy to feel relax. Soak a towel in Luke warm water and then place this towel that is soaked in the water on your eyes, lay down for some time and then remove the towel. In the end, place a cool towel on the face.

massage you eyes


  • Do directional eyes exercise

To exercise the eyes, you have to move your eyes in different directions. Without moving your head look straight ahead, look from left to right, from right to left and then look straight again. Wherever you are looking, focus on it and you should repeat this at least three times. You should do this cycle regularly thrice a day.

Do directional eyes exercise

beautiful eyes

These are the most effective Top 3 exercises for eyes to make them attractive and beautiful.

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