These 25 Wedding Mistakes Can Turn Your Big Day Into A Big Disaster!

wedding mistakes

There are many wedding mistakes. You are getting married…WOW! Congrats! Have you started planning for your wedding yet? Do you know wedding day is considered to be the busiest day of one’s life? Lots of things can go wrong on this important day. You can face biggest wardrobe malfunctions, irritating food delays or disturbing décor disasters if the wedding is not properly planned ahead.  Desi weddings are not just like any American wedding where you get to invite a number of people, take vows in front of them and then just bye bye! Desi weddings are considered to be an event that is incomplete without huge gatherings, large food menus, ear-deafening music and ground-breaking dhamaal.

If you are planning for your desi wedding right now then this list of 25 mistakes that you must NEVER make at your wedding is going to help you plan an error-free wedding.

  1. Not keeping the wedding budget in mind

Weddings these days are not possible without money and when it comes to spending money on wedding preparations even the endless treasures of Richi Rich are going to stand less. So before you begin planning for your wedding, you must count the dimes and pennies that you have in your purse or account. And if your parents are sponsoring your wedding then its best to discuss all the wedding preparations with them in order to avoid any financial blow.

keeping the wedding budget in mind

You need to keep the budget in mind while purchasing your wedding dress or making a booking for the wedding hall. You can surely go for a designer-made bridal dress costing $4500 or more if your dad has recently robbed any bank. But if this is not the case then you must settle for something modest and affordable.  Perhaps a nice looking lehnga costing around $2000 would make you a really attractive bride on your special day.

  1. Selecting your bridal dress according to the wishes of your mother-in-law

Well this one seems quite rebellious, doesn’t it? Your wedding day is the most important day of your life so why should you live it according to the wishes of other people.We are not suggesting you to respond with a gunshot every time your would-be mother-in-law tries to interfere with your wedding preparations. After all excluding her completely from your wedding preparations might raise some post-wedding complications for you. So it’s best to seek advice from her whenever you are thinking about taking any decision regarding the wedding preparations but never ever accept her suggestions when it comes to your bridal dress. We have seen some of the biggest bridal dress disasters just because the brides wearing them conformed to the bridal dresses selected by their mother-in-laws.

bridal dress according to the wishes of your mother-in-law

  1. Booking the wedding venue without pondering over the number of wedding guests

Selecting an appropriate wedding venue plays a pivotal role while making preparations for your weddings. You must also keep the budget in mind but you must never underestimate the importance of keeping the number of wedding guests in mind. How are you going to feel if half of your guests are standing around the stage just because there wasn’t enough space to seat all of them? Not only the guests will remain uncomfortable throughout the wedding but you will also have to face the wrath of all of your in-laws, aunties and uncles for making them stand up for too long.

Booking the wedding venue

  1. Revealing details about your wedding outfit before the wedding day

Keeping your bridal dress a surprise is considered to be a great wedding attraction for all the aunties and cousins. If you reveal the details of your wedding dress before the big day then your wedding will seem like a dull event.

wedding outfit

  1. Not getting a professional photographer

Wedding is once in a lifetime opportunity (some lucky ones do get a second chance).  So even if your cousin is an expert photographer, it’s best not to overlook the importance of hiring a professional photographer. Do make a careful selection while hiring the professional photographer after all your wedding album is going to stay in your family for generations. How are you going to feel about the fact that your great-great-granddaughter gazes at your wedding day picture with a shocked face just because you are posing in your bridal dress standing beside a bored looking goat? In order to avoid such consequences its best to make a list of the photographers that seem reasonable and do check out their portfolios in detail.

Not getting a professional photographer

  1. Dancing madly at your own wedding

Well everybody knows it is your wedding and you feel really happy about it but this doesn’t mean that you have to perform bhangras in front of the guests.

Dancing madly at your own wedding

  1. Wearing your Grand Ma’s wedding dress on your Big Day

However emotionally attached you might feel with your Grand Ma’s wedding dress; wearing it on your wedding day is a mistake that you are going to regret later.

  1. Forgetting to use body spray or deodorant before the ceremony

You must keep in mind that desi weddings are overburdened with a large number of guests. So even if you are going for a winter wedding, chances are that you are going to sweat during the ceremony due to high temperature caused by the abundance of guests. It’s best to use a strong body spray before entering the hall in order to avoid nasty expressions of your groom.

  1. Getting immersed in your smart phone during Nikah ceremony

Maulana Sahab is seeking your consent for the Nikah and you, instead of replying with “Qubool hai” are immersed in your smart phone. Such a scenario can cause quite a bad impression on Maulana Sahab and your in-laws. We accept that this is the age of social networking and one might feel alienated if he/she is not active on social media but these things can wait during the Nikah ceremony. You can also post about your Nikah-fied status after saying “Qabool hai”.

  1. Taking too much burden on your head

Your wedding day is your day, but this doesn’t mean that you have to do every task with your own hands. Girl you need to feel relaxed for the wedding day! Otherwise you will end up looking like an exhausted mosquito.  Pick up a team of reliable family members and delegate the tasks to them.

  1. Inviting your rivals and foes to your Big day

Remember there are a lot of people out there who would love to ruin your big day with their cheap acts and rude comments. DON’T invite them!

  1. Not hiring a wedding planner

Hiring an experienced wedding planner is going to provide you a lot of relief on your wedding day. If you have limited budget then go for the wedding planner who is expert in low-budget weddings.

  1. Fretting over small issues

Everybody craves for a perfect wedding but this doesn’t mean that you turn into a monster-bride fretting over small details of your wedding dress, menu or venue.

  1. Leaving most of the tasks for your wedding day

Your wedding day is going to be the busiest day of your life with all the in-laws, aunties, cousins and family members hovering over your head, blessing you with their wishes. So it will be best for you to complete your wedding arrangements ahead of the wedding instead of leaving them for your wedding day. Otherwise you will get recurring panic attacks on your big day.

  1. Wearing uncomfortable wedding shoes

It’s best to wear relaxing shoes for your wedding instead of including the foot-massage expenses in your wedding budget.

  1. Holding the wedding ceremony on a working day

Desi weddings are considered incomplete without large gatherings. So if you fix your wedding date on a working day, then most of your relatives and friends won’t be able to attend and perform bhangras on your big day.

  1. Going for a far-away venue

Although holding a wedding on the mountain peak would seem quite romantic but such romanticism won’t be acceptable for your in-laws and other wedding guests.

  • Over-depending on others

Delegating some of the wedding tasks to your cousins and friends might be a good idea but trusting them blindly with these tasks will be a dangerous move.

  1. Allowing camera man to make your video while eating Shaadi ka Khana!

Pictures or videos of you as a bride, pouncing on your wedding meal can prove to be quite humiliating if presented in front of your in-laws. So never ever allow the cameraman to be near you while having meal on wedding day.

  1. Not planning the wedding menu carefully

Remember it’s a desi wedding, not a British or American wedding where you can easily get away with champagne, fast food and a cake. Biggest attraction of desi weddings (apart from the bride) is the food that is presented to the guests. You need to plan the menu carefully and include traditional chicken Qorma and Pulao type dishes.

  1. Laughing like a hyena while sitting with your groom

Laughing like a hyena while sitting with your groom on the stage, in the vicinity of your in-laws, will be quite damaging for your eastern bride impression.

  1. Not checking the venue before the wedding day

Most of the wedding venues these days offer special rooms for bride where they get to relax until the groom party arrives. Do check for the comfort level of this special room at the venue you have selected.

  1. Not keeping a tissue in your clutch

Rukhsati is the time when river of emotions flow from the eyes of every bride. Such river can prove to be quite dangerous for your bridal make-up. In order to prevent yourself from turning into a Dracula, it’s best to keep a handful of tissues in your clutch.

  1. Arriving at the venue after the arrival of Barat

You are the bride; you must be present at the venue before the arrival of barat. There are lots of things that can make you late for your wedding, be sure to cope with these things tactically so you won’t have to lose your groom.

  1. Not keeping a water bottle in reach

Your wedding day will also prove to be the most stressful day of your life. It’s best to keep a half-liter water bottle with you in order to prevent yourself from fainting.

In the end, we are human beings and none of the human beings are flawless. We do not expect you to memorize all of these mistakes and avoid them on your wedding. The main idea is to at least TRY to avoid most of them so you can enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

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