Skin Whitening Peel Off Face Mask

Peel Off Face Mask

Today we are sharing a really effective peel off face mask for your skin. Not only this mask will whiten your skin but also this mask will remove your lack heads and white heads without any pain. The ingredients used to make this peel off mask are very simple and easily available everywhere. Try this mask at least twice a month for a fresher glow on your skin and to remove spots, black heads and white heads.


Skin Whitening Peel –off Mask


  • Milk: 2-3 table spoons hot
  • Gelatin Powder: 1 tablespoon
  • Pomegranate (Anar) juice: 1 table spoon


  1. Take a clean bowl and add 2-3 tablespoons of milk in it. Remember to use hot milk for preparing this peel off mask.
  2. Next, add one tablespoon of gelatin powder with continuous stirring so that no limp is formed in it .If you feel that the mixture becomes lumpy; don’t worry after we prepare the whole mixture we will microwave the mixture to dissolve the lumps.
  3. After making a smooth paste with milk and gelatin powder, add one table spoon of pomegranate juice into your mixture .The final mixture should be free of lumps.
  4. You can use beetroot(chukhandar)juice in place of Anar or pomegranate.
  5. Make the mixture hot by keeping the paste or mixture in microwave for a minute.
  6. Take out the bowl and let it cool to some extent as this will not burn your skin but still the mask paste should be warm.
  7. Apply this warm paste with the help of a brush to your skin and let it dry.
  8. Remember again that the peel off mask should dry before peeling it off otherwise the ingredients will not absorb in your skin completely.
  9. Keep the mask on your skin for at least 30 minutes and if you feel that still the mask is wet wait for some more minutes to dry your mask .After the mask is completely dried, peel it off gently and then wash your skin with normal water.
  10. You will feel the difference as soon as you remove the peeling. Your skin will sparkle and become white.
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