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Sable Fish

Sable fish belongs to the family anoplopomatidea. It also has some common names like sable, candle fish, butterfish and black cod. It is not considered in cod family, rather than it is one of its own the family. It has a long body which can be extended about 3 ft and its body weight is about 25 kilogram. Its body has dark grey color on upper side and light grey on the lower side. Its dorsal fins are isolate which are used for different purposes like for breathing, swimming etc.

Sable fish lives in the ocean. It mostly found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from the northern Mexico to Alaska. It lives in the depth of the ocean. It can also be seen in the western north Pacific. It has a long duration of life even some of its species can be found in the 90 year old or more. That is why it is called as a long lived species. It lives at the bottom of the ocean at the depth of the 200 m or more. Its smaller species can also be found near the surface closet to the coast.

It is seafood which can be edible. It commonly called as “Butterfish” due to its rich and mild flavor. It is rich in protein which give some extra energy to body which is most beneficial than other traditional meal. It is deeply studied after it we knew that it has no contaminants. It is highly rich in oil content which is beneficial for smoking. It has buttery taste so it is known as butter fish. Even it is known as black cod but it also contained white flesh. It is highly rich in the fat content of long fatty acid of omega 3 fatty acid, DHA and EPA. When we zoologist deeply studied it they knew that its flesh has levels of mercury from low to high. It is mostly widely eatable seafood. In many countries, it is considered as delicious meal due to its sticky texture and it’s medically importance.

In Alaska, it reproduces from March to April and in California from January to March. Its spawning and early development occurs in the depth of ocean in the deeper water. After hatching larvae swim to the surface water to feed zooplankton. Its larvae mature about 5 to 7 years.

In early days, sable fish is in danger. But now days it is in the stable form. It is a long fish which also eat some small fishes. It has 2 fins which it used for different purposes. It caught the small fishes and feed on them. It is caught by fisheries at the bottom of ocean. It is not easy to catch it but different methods used for it. It has most widely use. Not only it meat is beneficial but also its oil too. That is why zoologist considered it more important fish. It has different common names but black cod is mostly known. It is best seafood.

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