Remove Stains From Clothes Remedies

Remove Stains From Clothes

Learn how to get remove stains from clothes and remedies at home. Sometimes our hot favorite dress is ruined with just one mark. This one mark will not only ruined our dress but will defiantly break our heart. So next time if this unfortunate thing happens try one of these tips from this website.

Baby powder:

Apply a little amount baby powder on oil or curry stain. Let it soak. Once stain reaches surface it will be easy to remove. Remember apply powder immediately.

Baby powder

Lemon juice:

Lemon juice contain citric acid. This citric acid is full of bleaching properties.Just squeeze lemon over stain and leave it in the sun for some time. Then wash it, it will remove stain as well as it will give fragrance.

Lemon Juice white heads


Just add some vinegar in washing machine during rinse cycle. You will notice brighter clothes. You can also soak some vinegar over stains for sometime specially for yellow armpit stains.


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