Pimples On Face And How To Cure Them?

pimples on face

Pimples on face are nightmare specially before some big event. Unfortunately, they appear when we are avoiding them totally.So if the same thing happens to you then you should try the following remedies.

Milk and Honey:

Honey is the solution to every almost every problem. So you should try this for your skin too. Mixing it will with milk eliminate bacteria, milk or yogurt soothes the skin, gives shine and smoothness.

milk and honey

Egg whites:

Egg whites contain vitamins and proteins. They will fight against the skin acne and will also build new cells. Take whites of 3 4 eggs apply it over the skin, try applying more than one layer, always apply new layer after drying of the older layer.

Egg whites

Aleo Vera:

Applying aloe vera gel on skin will smooth skins, removes redness . It will act as anti-inflammatory agent.It also has antibacterial properties.

Aloe Vera gel along with egg white

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