Paratha Recipe Step By Step

Paratha Recipe

If you have been trying to make Lachha Paratha Recipe all your life and have badly failed in it then here is the easiest recipe of Lachha Paratha to help you become a perfect cook!


  • Wheat flour……… bowl
  • Powdered Milk… tablespoon
  • Carom seeds……….half teaspoon
  • Salt………………………one teaspoon or according to taste
  • Water………………….half glass
  • Desi Ghee/ butter..half bowl


    • Add wheat flour, powdered milk, carom seeds and salt in a bowl.
    • Add water and mix these ingredients together with your hand.
    • Knead the flour and then cover it with cotton cloth.
    • Let it rest for almost twenty minutes.
    • Take a ball out of this flour mixture after twenty minutes and roll it in your palm to give it the shape of a perfect ball.
    • Add a teaspoon of ghee on the sledge and spread it evenly.
    • Put the flour ball on that ghee and flatten it up with the help of your fingers.
    • Give it the shape of a roti and cut with a knife from one side to the half portion.
    • Sprinkle powdered flour on the top of this roti and then start it rolling from one side of the cut.
    • Turn the entire roti into a roll and then press it together.
    • Put it in the fridge for half an hour.
    • Again apply ghee on the sledge and smoothen out this flour ball on it with your fingers.
    • Make it flat with the help of your fingers and turn it into the size of a roti.
    • Fry it on the frying pan or bread pan.
    • Apply ghee on both sides.

Serve with pickle and tea.



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