Miracle Oil For Breast Enlargement – Tighten Your Saggy Breast Naturally

Breast Enlargement

Today, you will learn a recipe of miracle oil for breast enlargement, this oil will also help to tighten your breast naturally at home, so lets have a look on the ingredients you will need to prepare this magical oil.


Olive Oil (Half Cup)

Fenugreek Seeds (2 Tablespoon)

Black-Cumin/Kalonji (2 Tablespoon)

Breast Enlargement


 Add all the 3 ingredients in a pan, stir & cook them for 15 minutes.

breast enlargement oil

Turn the flame off and strain the oil, store it in air tight container/You can store this oil for a month.

breast enlargement

 Massage your breasts with this oil for 20 minutes, use it for 3 weeks weeks daily before going to bed. Visible differences could be seen after 2 weeks.

Breast Enlargement

How To Tighten Your Saggy Breast?

You can also use this oil to tighten your loose and saggy breast, the applying method and time is same but after massage wear a tight push up bra. Use this oil for 2 weeks, visible differences could be seen after 1 week.

How To Tighten Your Saggy Breast

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