Latest Bridal Makeup Ideas By Kashees


These are some of the most latest bridal makeup ideas by kahees saloon, they are famous for their makeup (based in Karachi, Pakistan). Indian actresses love to visit kashees and they suggested him many times to open a branch in bombey.

Light Smokey Eyes Makeup With Heavy Jewellery

This makeup is very famous and very inn in fashion trends. Almost 90% girls in pakistan loves this makeup looks. This makeup will cost you about 22000/Rs OR 220$.



Engagement Makeup

Engagement Makeup is simple with heavy eye makeup and blushing hairstyle. The dress in this makeup is also very simple. The engagement makeup will cost you about 5000/Rs ORĀ  50$.


Rajasthani Makeup (Modern Style)

Rajisthani Makeup is famous because it is one of the most expensive makeup in the world. This makeup seems simple but is actually very complicated to do. This makeup will cost you about 75000/Rs OR 750$.

rajasthani makeup

Indian Style Makeup

Indian makeup style is also very popular in Pakistan, Germany & UK. This makeup style is easy with heavy jewellery. This is cost you about 15000/Rs OR 150$.


Turkish Style Make (Bridal Makeup)

Turkish makeup style is very there, because there are only few experts who are well versed about this. It takes a lot of time to do this makeup and its very heavy. It will cost you about 35000/Rs OR 350$.


Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Pakistani bridal makeup is very famous for its simplicity. Light Foundation, smokey eyes and heavy jewellery. This make will cost you about 20,000/Rs OR 200$.


All these are trending makeup ideas, that are very inn in fashion trends. These bridal makeup ideas are common everywhere.

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