KFC Recipe Leaked By An Ex-Employee Who Was Fired

This news has been viral on social media, that a worker Name: Calvin was fired by KFC. The ex worker Calvin burst out his anger by leaking out the secret herbs and spices of KFC Recipe. It’s sounds like unbelievable that KFC Recipe Leaked by an ex-employee but that’s what the Fact is.

kfc secret recipe

Some One Just Shared This Recipe

1 or 2 herbs are different, all the other spices are same. So it seems like the original recipe of KFC Chicken has been leaked.

kfc recipe leaked

KFC Rice Box/ KFC Rice N Spice

KFC rice box/KFC Rice N Spice original recipe was already avaliable on YouTube. Here is the Original and secret recipe for Kfc rice and spice. Follow the recipe as it is to get the same taste.

Things might have proved that kfc secret recipe has been revealed finally. KFC should take strict/legal action against that employee who does this shameful act.

kfc recipe

Revealing someone’s secrets for the sake of anger is somehow a very bad & non professional habit.

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