How To Stop Excessive Sweating?

Here is how to stop excessive sweating remedy. If you are worried with excessive perspiration or sweat that emerges from your body, you can follow this tip to get rid of the sweat and it’s smell.



tea bag

Boiling water: half cup

Boiling water


1.Dip the tea bag in boiling water and soak to make a tea.
2.Dip a soft cloth or cotton ball in this tea and apply on the parts from where excessive sweat is released.
3.You can directly apply the tea bag on the body parts and massage gently for few minutes.
4.If you are suffering from the problem of excessive sweat in your soles then soak 5 tea bags in half liter boiling water.
5.let this water cool and now dip your feet in this water for few minutes.
6.You can use this water for two days.

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