How To Open Blocked Nostrils Of A Child

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If your baby is having problem while breathing, then the below information is strongly recommended for you. For parents, it is very much frightening to see their child in trouble while breathing. So, today you will know how to open blocked nostrils of a child.

How To Open Blocked Nostrils Of A Child

How do you know if your baby has blocked nostrils?

The symptoms include the following;

  • Your child will breathe through the mouth instead of the nose.

child breathing from mouth

  • Your child will get irritated.

irritated child

  • Your child will snort while breathing.

baby snorting

  • You will also find difficulty while feeding.

baby not feeding well


The most common causes of the child’s blocked nose are as follows;

  • Dust, smoke and perfumes etc.
  • Infections like flu and cold.
  • Indoor heating (in winter season) and dry air.

How To Open Blocked Nose Of A Child?

Use steam to clear the nostrils of your child.

You need;

  • Hot water.
  • Steamer.


If your child is of few months or 1-1/2 years old!

  • Keep the steamer near the child so that he or she could inhale the steam easily.
  • For this purpose, you can keep the steamer in your child’s room.
  • Put some hot water in a bowl of the steamer and turn the steamer on.
  • It will completely unblock the blocked nostrils.

How To Open Blocked Nostrils Of A Child

If your child is of more than 1-1/2 years old!

  • Make him/her bow down to the steamer, up to one or a half feet above the steam bowl.
  • Turn the steamer on.
  • Ask him/her to inhale the steam coming out of the steamer.


How To Open Blocked Nostrils Of A Child

This will greatly help in unblocking the nostrils of your child.

Note: Do not forget to read out the instructions of the steamer to avoid any accident.





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