How To Increase Your Kids’ Hunger?

children eating habits

If you are worried about your kids’ eating habits, then you should not take any stress now. We are coming with the most useful homemade tip to increase the hunger of your kids. Please have a look below how to use it.

children eat

children eating food

kids eating

kids love eating

Increasing your kids’ hunger:

If you want to increase the hunger of your kid to make him/her healthier and fit than ever, then use the below recipe to make him eat more if he/she is not interested in eating anything.

kids eating

1/2 pao moong ki dal

1 tea spoon rice fried on tawa

1 piece of chicken

1 piece of Gajar

1 piece of potato

add 1 jar of water and cook it well, mix it well.

Now give this to your kid and see the magic.

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