How To Grow Hair Faster


Learn How To Grow Hair Faster at home with this amazing hair fall solution and hair treatment. This remedy will help you grow 4-5 inches long hair in a week. Just Follow This Remedy As it is:



Olive Oil


Almond Oil



  • Mix 2 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon pure almond oil in a bowl. Mix them well like for 1 minutes. It very important to mix them, otherwise this oil will not work.
  • Apply this Oil on your scape, please do not apply this oil on your hair, otherwise its use-less. Apply it on your saclp/head/sar with the help of your fingure, when you are applying this oil the direction of your head should be towards floor/zameen (Apna sar zameen ki taraf krk lagana ha)

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