How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Remedy

how to get rid of bad breath

Here is how to get rid of bad breath remedy. These home-Made mouthwash remedies will save your money and you can get rid of bad breath through simple kitchen ingredients.

Remedy 1


Neem: 7-8 leaves and twigs

Water:2 glasses


1.Crush the leaves and twigs in a mortar and pestle or grinder.Add these crushed mixture in a pan of water and heat the mixture till it starts to boil.
2.Let it boil for few minutes .Turn off the flame and cool the solution.
3.Strain this solution in a clean bottle and gargle with this mixture at least twice a day.

Mouth Wash Remedy 2:


Lemon Grass/beetle leaves(pan) or Basil leaves:5-6 leaves
Mint:10-12 leaves
Baking Soda :1 teaspoon
Cardamom green(Elaichi green):2-3
Fennel seeds (Sonf):1 teaspoon
Tea tree oil or Peppermint oil (optional):few drops


1.Add all the ingredients in 3-4 cups of water .Heat the mixture on low flame to let the ingredients dissolve in water
2.Turn off the flame .Let the solution cool.Strain the solution through a sieve into a clean jar or bottle and keep in a cool place .
3.You can use lemon grass in this remedy if lemon grass or basil is not available just take some beetle ( paan)leaves to prepare this mouth wash.
4.Gargle with this mouth wash twice a day or after every meal.
5.You can add tea tree oil or peppermint oil with cinnamon(daarchini) powder in the solution for strong aroma.

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