How To Make Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe For Hands?

Homemade sugar scrub

Homemade sugar scrub for hands are used mostly by women. Hands are listed in the parts of the human body that are noticed the most, so proper care should be given to the hands for looking good. Here is a great remedy of dry or damaged hands, which can be prepared at home.


  • 1 and a half cup sugar


  • Hand renewal dish soap


  • Air tight container



  • Take the jar or the container
  • Place sugar in it
  • Pour the dish soap
  • There is no any specific amount to add in the sugar, stop adding soap when you get the paste that feels like a scrub
  • To prepare the scrub as desired, pour soap with pauses while mixing it continuously to avoid getting it thin as you require a thick scrub


How to apply:

  • Take the scrub with fingers
  • Apply on the hands
  • Rub it as required
  • You can use this when you feel it is needed to clean the hands or enhancing the beauty





You can get beautiful hands by using this scrub which is easy to prepare with the ingredients available in your kitchen and you can use it without worrying about the damage as there is nothing harmful added in it.

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