Homemade Hair Conditioner, Oil Recipe For Hairs


Oil massage is very beneficial for the hair and the hair growth; so this homemade hair conditioner can also prevent your hair from falling. The best way to keep your hair healthy, silky and shiny is to massage them properly with oil once in a week as oiling helps to soften the hair. Oiling the head makes the blood circulation good, oil lubricates the hair and avoid from getting split ends. There are many best oils that can be made with the mixture of other herbs for nourishing hair, some best homemade hair conditioner for hair are as follows:

  • Curry leaves hair oil

First of all dry the curry leaves in the sunlight, then boil the coconut oil and add curry leaves to the boiled oil. Mix it and when it cools down, filter it and apply to your hair. This prevents your hair from getting gray; curry leaves can be included in the diet as well because they are good for hair and health as well.



Curry leaves hair oil

  • Amla oil

Amla oil is very beneficial for hair growth and preventing the hair from turning white as well, you can make amla in different oils and make one. You can also wash your hair with Amla, this oil helps a lot in turning the hair black from white.


Amla oil

Amla oil


  • Neem oil

Neem oil is best to treat dandruff, if you have tried thousands of remedies then try this one now as we can guarantee that it will work. Mixing neem with coconut oil is the best solution of dry, dull and white hair. To get rid of dandruff and the things that are harming your hair, neem oil is the best.



Neem oil

Homemade oil recipe for hair can help you a lot with hair problems, try them and you will be amazed.

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