Whitening Facial At Home And Removing Brown spots

whitening facial at home

This simplest remedy for whitening facial at home will bring amazing outcomes. Use it regularly as it just demand a banana. You can feel the change in your skin color in few days. This remedy is also very useful to mask off those ugly looking brown spots from your beautiful face.



Strawberry and Banana Shake
Lemon:1 cut into half



1.Take a banana and peel it .
2.Take the peel and apply juice from half lemon onto the inner portion of the peel.
3.Massage in circular motion on your face with the inner side of the peel with lemon juice touching your skin.
4.Massage gently for 5-10 minutes.
5.Let the peel ingredients applied on your face or 15 minutes.
6.Wash with normal water.
7.Apply a good moisturizer after this massage

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