Halwa Puri Recipe In Urdu

Halwa Puri Recipe

Learn how to make Halwa Puri Recipe at home. Halwa Puri is the most favorite breakfast of Pakistani’s and Indian’s. So here is an amazing step by step Halwa Puri recipe and learn how to make khasta Puri at home.

Halwa Puri Recipe

Halwa Puri Recipe

Serve this Delicious Halwa Puri “Garam Garam” to enjoy the taste of this crispy, crunchy and khasta puri. Take a bite of puri with channay and have a sip of Meethi Lassi.

Halwa Puri Recipe


Halwa Puri Chana Recipe

Try this amazing halwa puri recipe at your home and share this halwa puri with your friends and family in your breakfast. A glass of lassi is a best drink with this delicious halwa puri. Also check out chicken biryani recipe if you are a real biryani lovers and you can resist without eating biryani cook by your mom.

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