Fried Wings Recipe

Fried Wings Recipe

Here is how to make friend wings recipe with the detailed method mentioned below:


Wings                         1kg

Ginger garlic powder 1 tab

Salt to taste

Vinegar                       1tab

Black pepper               1tab

Paprika 1tab

Mustard powder          1 tab

Chilly garlic sauce       2tabs

Batter preparation:

Flour                          4 tabs

Corn flour                  4tabs

White pepper             1 tab

Baking powder          1 tab

Paprika                      1 teaspoon

Salt                            1 teaspoon

Chilly sauce              2 tabs

Chilled milk              1 cup

Ingredients For coating:

Flour                         1 cup

Baking powder         1 tab


In bowl, put wings and add ginger garlic powder, vinegar, black pepper, paprika, mustard powder, chilly garlic sauce. Now, leave this for about 15 minutes for marinating.

In another bowl, take all ingredients of batter and mix well with the help of spoon.

Take another bowl and mix up 1 cup flour and 1 tab baking powder for wings coating.

Take marinated wings, dip into batter and then coated. After coating, deep fry these wings. When the color of wings is golden brown, then put them into dish. Serve with ketchup.

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