Egg Pakora Recipe In Hindi

egg pakora recipe in hindi

Egg pakora recipe in hindi is as easy to make as you think. You just need the following ingredients to make the recipe in a popper and accurate way.

basin wala anda



  • Chickpea flour        1 bowl
  • Red chili powder    1 tbs
  • Salt                         1 tbs
  • Dhania powder       1teaspn
  • Chaat masala          1teaspn
  • Chinese salt            1teaspn
  • Lemon food color
  • Water
  • Egg boiled


Take a bowl of chickpea and add red chili, salt, dhania powder, chaat masala, Chinese salt, a little bit lemon food color and water as needed. Mix well these ingredients. Dipping a boiled egg in the mixture and deep frying it until you get a crispy roughly shaped ball. Serve after garnishing.

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