Diet For Pregnant Women During Pregnancy Stages

diet for pregnant women

Having a diet for pregnant women is also very important. During pregnancy a women has to be sure about the fact that the diet she is eating is full of the required nutrients a women should have at this stage. However, there is a difference between dieting and diet plan. Diet plan is provided by a nutritionist who helps you eat the amount of calories your body requires. Here you will read about the diet eating plan for a pregnant woman.

diet for pregnant women

Diet during Pregnancy:

The diet during pregnancy should be carefully planned. A woman has to eat for two but also with the right quantity and right food. The first thing to keep in mind is that she eats clean diet recipes.


There are some recipes only concentrating on calories and diet, but not the hygiene. Diet recipes for one pregnant woman should be healthy, clean, and full of nutrients.

diet for pregnant women

Pregnancy Diet In Urdu


HCG Diet recipes:

In HCG diet recipes phase 2, one can easily find healthy diet recipes. In HCG recipes the level of fibers and carbohydrates is high and less sugar which helps in reducing weight as well as maintaining a healthy body. HCG phase 2 is very beneficial for the pregnant women as the use of vegetables is highest and less fats. This ensures that a woman is eating a healthy diet.

diet for pregnant women

5 Factor Diet:

Five factor diet is a book by Harley released in 2004. In five factor diet recipes it has been ensured that a person eats what a healthy body requires. The criteria of this book is less fat, high fibers, low GI, sugar free beverages, vegetables and fruits plus the right amount of exercise. Five factor diet recipes are the recipes for meals you can eat five times a day Breakfast, afternoon snack, lunch, evening snack, dinner and late night tea. “Broccoli-Cheddar Omelet” is one of the most famous five factor diet recipes.

what is 5 factor diet


The diet plan for the patients of diabetics and the women suffering pregnancy, diabetics is different than a normal diet eating plan. There are some precautions needs to be observed in this case. Use Diet drinks and diabetes in an accurate way, patients should also follow the same “diet food” rules while eating their meals. A food with less calories, fats and GI is preferred.


7 Days Diet  Eating Plan:

After pregnancy a women usually has to face a fat body. To lose this fat right after the birth of the baby, there are 7 day diet eating plan a women can follow and reduce her weight. But it’s better if she goes for the proper and most used 7 day diet eating plan so that she is not risking her health.

pregnancy diet plan


Diet drinks also help in weight loss. Everyone is requested to use diet drinks for weight loss, so that everyone can easily reduce his weight within less period of time.

Drinks in Pregnancy

Also a protein diet eating plan can help to have a healthy dieting.

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