How To Stop Excessive Sweating?


Here is how to stop excessive sweating remedy. If you are worried with excessive perspiration or sweat that emerges from your body, you can follow this tip to get rid of the sweat and it’s smell. Ingredients: Teabag:1 Boiling water: half cup Method: 1.Dip the tea bag in boiling water […]

3 Homemade Facial Treatments For Tan Skin


These 3 steps for homemade facial will remove tan lines and bring the glowing skin out. FIRST STEP FACIAL SCRUB Ingredients: • Table Salt: 1 teaspoon • Baking Soda: half tea spoon • Honey: 1 teaspoon Method: Take a clean bowl and add these ingredients one by one. Mix the […]

Best Home Remedies For Dandruff


These three home remedies for dandruff are the real solution of your dandruff problem. For best result repeat each remedy several times a month. Ingredients pumpkin oil:Enough to cover your scalp almond oil: Enough to cover your scalp Method 1. considering the thickness of your hair or size of your […]

Chukhandar Beetroot Benefits For Skin Whitening


There are a lot of beetroot benefits. It has amazing ingredients that increase your blood contents. As healthy circulation and blood flow is responsible for the skin glow and whitening, beetroot (Chukhandar) is therefore used in many skin care and facial care products to enhance your beauty and freshness. This […]

Egg Pakora Recipe In Hindi


Egg pakora recipe in hindi is as easy to make as you think. You just need the following ingredients to make the recipe in a popper and accurate way.   Ingredients: Chickpea flour        1 bowl Red chili powder    1 tbs Salt                         1 tbs Dhania powder       1teaspn Chaat masala          1teaspn Chinese […]

Diet For Pregnant Women During Pregnancy Stages


Having a diet for pregnant women is also very important. During pregnancy a women has to be sure about the fact that the diet she is eating is full of the required nutrients a women should have at this stage. However, there is a difference between dieting and diet plan. […]