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A person can only enjoy the real taste and pleasure of any specific cuisine if he has access to the real recipe of that cuisine. Let us take you on a magical tour to our food kingdom. We have a large range of  quick and easy cooking recipes present in our food paradise that are truly going to make you fall in love  with the tasty temptations of this world.

A tour of our Best Chicken Dinner Recipes!

We have a wide range of chicken recipes including:

Chicken Tikka Recipe-It is a recipe which will present you with the exclusive yet traditional taste of chicken tikka.

Kashmiri Boneless Handi Recipe-If you want to enjoy the real taste of boneless chicken with a touch of kashmiri culture then this recipe is really going to take on the tour of kashmiri paradise.

Malai Tikka Salan Recipe-Have you ever tried the heavenly combo of malai with chicken in a salan? If not then this recipe is really going to give you some serious hunger pangs.

Butter Chicken Recipe (Indian Style)We don’t just stick to traditional Pakistani recipes; instead we want our followers to taste the delicacies belonging to every corner of this world. Our butter chicken recipe is going to provide you with the pleasure of real Indian Butter chicken.

Malai Boti Recipe- If you are planning on having a Bar-B-Q at home then do amazes your guests with your flawless cooking skills by preparing this Malai Boti dish for them.

Chicken Nuggets Recipe-Are you worried about the bad eating habits of your little prince? Well just prepare these chicken nuggets with the help of our easy nugget recipe. Your kids are also going to eat their fingers after tasting these nuggets.
Delicious Almond Chicken with Fried Rice RecipeIf you think that you have tasted every type of rice dish, then just try this fried rice dish with Almond chicken and you are going to forget every other type of rice dish in the world.

Shahi Murgh Taramam Recipe-  Do you want to amaze your spouse with your magical cooking skills? Then just prepare this Shahi Murgh Taramam with the help of our easy recipe and your spouse will definitely fall in love with your expert cooking meal ideas.

Steam Chicken BiryaniPreparing a proper biryani is not an easy task so that’s why most of the people use ready-made masalaz to prepare biryani. But after taking one look at our easy steam chicken biryani, you are never going to need these ready-made masalaz ever again. Become a biryani expert with the help of our recipe.

Fried Chicken Wings Recipe-Are you getting timeless hunger pangs and don’t have the power to cook something heavy? Well our Fried Chicken Wings Recipe is not only going to help you get rid of your hunger pangs but it will also splash your taste buds with the yummiest taste of chicken.

Chicken Jalfrezi Original Recipe- If you think that Chicken Jalfrezi is just a combination of chicken, bell pepper, tomatoes and onions then think again because our Chicken Jalfrezi recipe is going to provide you with the original taste of this dish.

Chicken Boneless Handi Recipe- Most of the housewives doesn’t know the original method to prepare the Chicken Boneless Handi. So the next when you have a girls get-together, just follow our Chicken Boneless Handi Recipe and teach your friends the true meaning of this cuisine.

Chicken Biryani Recipe- Pakistan is a large country with four beautiful provinces and every region has its own type of chicken biryani. So if you want to learn the different tastes of original and traditional Pakistani biryanis then just subscribe to Food in Five Minutes and get updated.

A tour of our Sweet temptations!

Everyone feels the urge to eat something sweet once they have filled their stomach with some of the world’s best meals. If you are also craving for something sweet and special then our special cake recipes are going to make you mad for sweets throughout your life.

Here is a brief insight into some of our famous sweet dishes:

Rasmalai Recipe- Most of the women complain that they are not able to prepare proper and juicy Rasmalai. Usually their Rasmalai balls break down into pieces when they are dropped into the sweetened milk. Well here is one of our special and easiest recipes for perfect and yummy Rasmalai.

Strawberry Dessert Recipe- This Valentine’s Day, if you really want to show your love with something special then this Strawberry Dessert Recipe is going to make your lover fall in love with you all over again. Loaded with the sweetness of strawberries in combination with whipped cream, you are going to fall in love with the creamy, rich taste of this dessert.

Giant Bounty Chocolate Bar –Whether you are craving for a coconut-filled bounty or your kids love to eat chocolate, this Giant Bounty Chocolate Bar is going to provide you with hours of chocolate-filled fun.

Nirala Kheer Original Recipe- If you have been floating to Nirala Sweets just to try their awesome Kheer then here is a great news for you. One of our chefs finally got her hands over the secret recipe of Nirala Kheer. Just try this recipe and you will never ever have to go to Nirala Sweets ever again.

Lava Chocolate Cupcakes-  If you are going mad for some cake recipes for beginners then just try this Lava Chocolate Cupcakes recipe at home and amaze your in-laws with your cake-making skills.

After taking one tour into our secret kitchen you will definitely be finding it hard to resist taking a look at our recipe videos? So waste no time, move forward and enjoy learning to be a great chef!

How To Make Delicious White Chocolate Cake In Microwave

Here is one of the easiest cake recipes in microwave to help you surprise your guests with your expert baking skills.

Cake-making has evolved over the years. First people used to make cakes in underground ovens. At that time cake-making was definitely not a simple thing.  Right now different types of cake recipes are available around the internet. Some of them require the use of oven while others can be prepared without oven. Recently a trend about microwave cakes started and people instantly fell in love with this trend. Life is so busy that people don’t have the time to bake cakes in the oven anymore, microwave is way much faster. All you have to do is to blend up the right items in the right quantity, put them in the microwave for a few minutes and BANG! The cake is ready.


Here are the simple, easy-to-afford ingredients for our White Chocolate Cake. All you need to keep in mind is to use these ingredients according to their quantity mentioned in the recipe.

  • Maida……………………………………one cup
  • Icing Sugar……………………………one cup
  • Baking Powder………………………one teaspoon
  • Egg………………………………………
  • Butter (melted)………………………one-fourth cup
  • Milk………………………………………one-third cup
  • Butter…………………………………..half tablespoon (for greasing the bowl)
  • Caramel………………………………..for topping
  • Whipped cream…………………….one bowl for decoration


The method is also really simple and easy-to-follow. Just keep the microwaves baking duration in your mind. If you will exceed the timing then the cake will get too rough.

  • Take a bowl, add maida in it.
  • Add icing sugar, baking powder and then mix these items with a spoon.
  • Use blender to blend these items perfectly.
  • Add egg and then blend them again.
  • Add melted butter and then blend them again.
  • Add milk and keep on blending until the mixture turns smooth and thick.
  • Take a microwave-safe bowl and grease it properly with butter.
  • Set the microwave timing to seven minutes.
  • Bake the cake for this duration and then check it with the help of a toothpick.
  • If the cake seems tough then it means that it’s ready.
  • Decorate the cake by applying whipped cream and then adding caramel on the top.
  • You can also use the topping of your choice.

Making cake is definitely not an easy task but this recipe is one of the easiest cake recipes for beginners. If you really want to surprise your husband and kids with your baking skills then just try this quick and easy recipe. You will definitely have fun!

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