Best Tip For Pregnant Women To Born A Colored Eye Baby


There are many people in the world who want their eyes color to be brown, green, blue or any other desired color to look more charming and sexy. For that purpose they try many different things and remedies to change their eyes color. But we bring you the best home remedy for pregnant women if they want their new born baby with colorful eyes. Please have a look at the below remedy.

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colored eyes baby

When To Drink?

This this juice daily before breakfast, this tip has been approved by the experts and famous doctors. People might spread rumors about this but this is 100% authentic.


How To Drink?

Stain the orange juice before drinking otherwise it not good in early stage of pregnancy most of the mothers are allergic to orange juice in their pregnancy cycle.

colored eyes

Do you want your new born baby have colored eyes? 

Extract the orange juice and put it in the fridge for whole night. Wakeup early in the morning and takeout the juice from fridge and remove the scum from it and intake it on a daily basis. Your baby will probably have colored eyes when born

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