Best Melon For Skin Whitening And To Get Spotless Skin

Melon for skin

Melon for skin is of great uses. Try these amazing melon(Kharbooza) remedies to get a fair and spotless skin.

REMEDY 1: To Get rid of Wrinkles


Melon(Kharbooza):1 medium size


Mint leaves(Pudinay ke pattey):4-5(grind)

Mint leaves


1.Take a ripe melon,peel and mash the pulp with the help of a fork or masher.
2.Take this mashed pulp in a bowl and add grind mint leaves into the melon pulp.
3.Mix the paste well.
4.Apply the mask for 30 minutes .
5.Wash your face with normal water.
6.Repeat the procedure twice a week.

REMEDY 2:For Skin Whitening


Dried Melon Skin: 1 cup

Dried Melon Skin

Almond :10-12( grind to a powder or paste)




1.Peel 3-4 melons finely and spread the skin or peels in a tray kept in shade.
2.Dry the melon skin for at least 15 days.
3.Grind the dried melon skin finely .
4.Take one cup dried melon peel and add almond powder or paste into it.
5.You can add water to make a thick paste .
6.Apply is as a mask on your face .
7.Wash after 20-30 minutes.
8.Repeat the procedure thrice weekly.

REMEDY 3: For Acne or Pimples

Dried melon skin:1 cup

Dried Melon Skin

Split green gram(Moong Daal):1 table spoon

Split green gram
Split Bengal gram(Chana Daal):1 table spoon

Split Bengal gram
Yogurt:4 tablespoons

Plain yogurt


1.Mix all the ingredients in yogurt
2.Apply it overnight as a paste
3.Wash the next morning with normal water
4.Apply some rose water to your face

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