Best Home Remedies For Wrinkles And Anti Aging

home remedies for wrinkles

Here you can get home remedies for wrinkles. If you are in thirties, you can start applying this remedy to get saved from wrinkles. Those who already have wrinkle problems can apply this remedy at least twice a week.


Apricot pulp (Khoobani ka gooda):2tsp

Apricot pulp
Apricot seed powder: 1tsp

Apricot seed powder
Almond (Badaam) powder: 1tsp
Almond powder
Almond oil: for face massage

Almond oil


  1. Before going to bed, Take some almond oil in your hand and massage your face with this oil.
    2. Mix the rest of ingredients well and massage this mixture with light hand around your eyes and on your wrinkles.
    3. Wash with normal water in the morning.
    4. You can use dried apricot instead of fresh .
    5. Soak the dry apricots well in water before use.
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