Best Henna For Hair Fall And Split ends

henna for hair

Here you will see how henna for hair works to stop hair fall and split ends by using the homemade remedy.

Hi friends! A lot of viewers requested to post an amazing recipe or tip for the split ends problem. Here is a workable solution for your hair fall and split ends. The perfect combination of these simple ingredients will improve your hair growth and prevent the hair to split at ends.


  • Sesame oil: 1 table spoon

Sesame oil

  • Egg: 1

split ends treatment

  • Lemon: 1/2 piece.


  • Henna¬†(Mehndi):1 cup as paste



Take a packet of dried henna (Mehndi) powder or you can take fresh leaves and grind them to powder. Mix water in four table spoon Mehndi powder to form a thick paste. You can add or less Mehndi powder according to your hair length or volume. Once the Mehndi paste is well mixed, you can add one table spoon of sesame oil into the paste and mix well.


Beat an egg in another bowl, whisk with a fork and add it in the Mehndi paste. Again mix well for a smoother paste. Now squeeze juice from half lemon piece and mix it in the paste. Apply with fingers or a brush on your hair especially at the ends.


Leave for an hour to dry the paste. Rinse with normal water and then wash with a mild shampoo.



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  1. I don’t want redish colour of heena,then what to do to stop hairloss. And I find dryness after few times use of heena, what to do for this??

  2. I had my hair got straightening twice.(permenent).but now my hair have become worst can u suggest me what can i do regain d beauty of my haie.plz

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