4 Great Reasons to Eat More Nuts

Eat More Nuts

Nuts aren’t just delicious and satisfying. They’re also one of the healthiest, most beneficial foods you could be reaching for, especially when you’re in the mood for a quick snack. The following are just a few of the many reasons why they should be a regular part of your diet.

1. They’re Great for Your Heart

While nuts are good for your entire system, they’re especially good for your heart. In particular, they’ve been linked to significantly lower blood levels of harmful LDL particles, as well as higher levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol levels. That means a lower likelihood of ever developing heart disease or having a heart attack. Regular nut consumption could lower your chances of ever having a stroke as well.

2. They Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’ve been watching your waistline lately, you’ll be thrilled to know adding more nuts to your diet can help you get into tip-top condition by the time bathing suit season gets here. Not only are nuts much more nutritious than other options like chips or cookies, but they do a much better job at keeping you satisfied in between meals. (No more hunger pangs to test your willpower!) They’re great ways to power back up after working out as well.

3. They Add Pizzazz to Any Dish

Whether you’re into the buttery goodness of walnuts and pecans or prefer the universal appeal of almond and cashews, nuts are a simple, easy way to take just about anything you like to eat to the next level. Add toasted nuts to salads, pilafs, casseroles, or oatmeal for texture and flavor. Invest in a supply of bulk nuts and create your own nut butters, trail mixes, and power bars so you always have healthy snacks on hand for yourself and your family. Be creative!

4. They Improve Digestion

Nuts of all types are very high in dietary fiber, so they’re fantastic for your digestive health. The fiber found in nuts boosts gut health by nourishing the “good bacteria” that process the foods you eat. Those bacteria in turn convert that fiber into short chain fatty acids, healthful compounds that have been linked to many benefits, including a lowered likelihood of developing diabetes or becoming obese.

Whether you’re focused on staying healthy or simply want a fresh, new way to elevate your favorite dishes, nuts definitely deserve to be a staple in your home. How will you dress up your nutty favorites?

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