3 Homemade Scrub For Face, Foot And Lips

Homemade Scrub

Below mentioned homemade scrub for body scrubbing is the best to use at home and to get your skin whiten.

Whitening Rice Scrub


• Raw rice: 1 tbs, grind to a powder

• Gram flour: 1 tbs

Gram flour
• Raw milk: 2tbs

• Turmeric: 1 pinch



Take a clean bowl and add rice powder
Add the gram flour and pour milk .
Mix the ingredients well to a thick paste .
For dry paste, you can add some more milk.
Sprinkle a pinch o turmeric powder and apply this paste on your face and body through a gentle massage. Leave the ingredients for about 115 minutes on your face, then wash with Luke warm water.
Don’t forget to apply a suitable moisturizer after the scrum

Foot scrub


• Semolina powder (SUJI):2tbs

Semolina powdered
• Milk: 2 table spoon

• Lemon: 1



Take a clean bowl and add semolina(SUJI) powder.
Add milk into it.
Add lemon juice and mix to a fine paste.
Apply this paste on your foot.
Continue to scrub for 20 minutes and then wash with Luke warm water.
Apply a foot cream after the scrub

Amazing Lip Scrub


• Petroleum jelly: 2 tbs

Petroleum jelly
• Olive oil: 1 tbs

• Chap-stick: 1

• Brown sugar: 1 tbs

Brown sugar
• Aloe Vera gel: 1 tsp

Aloe Vera Gel

Take a clean container
add aloe Vera gel then add petroleum jelly and mix
add olive oil and cut a quarter piece of chap-stick and add in the mixture
mix again.
Add brown sugar and mix well to a smooth jelly like paste.
scrub gently on your lips for 5 minutes and wash.

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