10 Products That Cause Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Causes products

Here is a list of 10 products that cause skin cancer, 27% People suffer from skin cancer due to these products. So Just think once before buying these products.

Skin Cancer Causes products

Baby Johnson Products

A women in USA died by skin cancer, she was addicted to baby johnson’s product. Hence it was proved by US Health Experts that some people are allergic to Baby Johnsons Products.

baby johnsons products skin cancer

Faiza Beauty Cream

If you are using faiza beauty cream beware, or just check again the trademark number before buying because if you have the fake one, it can cause swear skin cancer. 14% of people are suffering from skin cancer in Pakistan due to fake faiza beauty cream.

faiza beauty cream skin cancer

Hair Color

Buy a quality hair color to reduce the risk of skin cancer. When it comes to hair color don’t go for the cheap one, otherwise you would be pulling yourself in a big trouble.

hair color skin cancer

Mustard Sauce

The excessive use of mustard use causes skin cancer and many other health issues. Extreme towards anything has disaster results. Just balance the usage of mustard so it’s no more dangerous and enjoy the delicious taste of mustard sauce.

mustard sauce skin cancer

Bad Eggs

If you are using rotten eggs, or the eggs that are not fresh or if they are dirty. This might cause skin cancer / that’s really dangerous to use such eggs just to save a few bucks/money.

egg skin cancer

Salted Water

Salted water causes skin cancer rapidly more than any product. If you are using salted water to cook food and to wash your cutlery and meat then stop right now.

salted-water skin cancer

Rust Spots In Cutlery

If you have rust spots on cutlery and you are still using it then it can be reason of skin cancer. If you use steel cutlery just remember it should be free from rust spots.

rust skin cancer

Sunbed Product

This girl was addicted to this sunbed product, now she is suffering from cancer. Please don’t get addicted to the products that contains heavy amount of chemicals. Just use them when its actually needed.

sun bed skin cancer

Gai Soap

Use washing powder instead of gai soap, may be it’s best for clothing purpose but its not good for your skin at all or if you still want to use this product then wear gloves while washing clothes.

gai soap skin cancer

Processed MEAT (Expired Hotshots)

Processed meat is not beneficial for health, so one should omit processed meat from the diet. But if you are a hot dog lover, check out the expiry date before buying. Eating Expired hot dogs can cause cancer.

hotdogs cancer

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