Top 6 Best Fitness Apps And Devices To Maintain Your Health

best fitness apps

Below mentioned are the top 6 best fitness apps or exercise apps that help you remain fit all the time. These apps and tools work when you are pregnant and you don’t want to have any trouble going to the doctor or no time to sit and observe your health.

Misfit Shine:

Misfit Shine is one of the high tech fitness devices launched recently. This device is like a bracelet and it is also present in a form of pendant. This device gets fit into your pocket and is used for tracking all your movements. Basically, it is a tracker and it helps you in achieving your goal. The best thing about this device is that it is water resistant you can take it to any place.

Misfit Shine


One of the best high tech fitness devices that have formulated up till now for the cyclists is called Sportiiiis. This amazing fitness device basically tracks your heart rate and it is really important for a cyclist. The head of this device consists of LEDs and these LEDs are responsible for showing you the heart rate.



Are you tired of all those sick diet plans that promise you in weight loss? Let’s try out something which is best for controlling your hunger and your pace of eating. HAPIfork is the gadget which has been designed to control the pace of your eating. Basically, this high tech device has tiny vibrations and these vibration sensors indicate you when you are speeding during the food intake. It is one of the best devices for your weight control process.


Flatten your belly:

One of the top rated apps available on the stores is known as flatten your belly. This application basically consists of amazing tips that are responsible for losing extra pounds from your body. You will find a complete list of different diet plans in this app and these fitness plans really worth well.

Flatten your belly app

Pushup workout:

If there is no trainer with you and you want to calculate the number of pushups you are performing each day then here is one of the best apps for you called as pushup workout. This app consists of a complete different pushup cycles and you simply start performing them by following the exact cycle.

Pushup workout

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet:

Another famous high tech fitness device which calculates your workouts is called Amiigo Fitness Bracelet. It gets strapped up easily on your hands and thus calculates your workouts easily. It has been designed specially to access your body movements.

Amiigo Fitness Bracelet

The above mentioned apps and high tech devices are really amazing. The industry of fitness has become very wide and today everyone wants to earn a healthy life.

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