Top 16 Beauty Tips For Girls

beauty tips for girls

Here are top 16 beauty tips for girls mentioned. We are in a fast-paced world with changes in fashion styles and patterns. In such a time, it is quite hard to keep up. This doesn’t mean you can’t look good and look good all the time. There are over a thousand and one beauty tips over the internet but here are a few that will definitely come in handy.

  • Drinking Water

This is probably the most basic, useful, and surplus tip yet the most neglected. In a very busy world we tend to rush out of the house and run through the day without drinking enough water. Drinking enough water helps keep you hydrated. It also helps in keeping the skin clear by flushing out toxins.

drink water

  • Exercising

There’s nothing as irritating like a pretty unfit girl. While you may look pretty for a while you become weak and fragile with time. Exercising makes the heart to pump more blood and increases body immunity.


  • Eating Right

It is easy to fill ourselves with junk or no food at all in a bid to meet the demands of each day. Eating right cannot be over emphasized. Food contains nutrients and your body needs these nutrients to repair worn-out tissues. To stay beautiful, start or continue eating good food. Carrots are good for your hair, eat them.

eat best

  • Sleeping

Have you ever seen someone who is deprived of sleep? Yes, you bet saggy eyes. Apart from health implications, you can’t attain perfect beauty if you starve yourself of sleep. Ensure you have enough sleep.


  • Read Reviews

It is quite common to follow the crowd or believe the seller’s opinion. Never buy a new product without reading reviews. When a product claims to achieve unprecedented results within few days, it is most likely a fake.

customer reviews

  • Know Your Allergies

Because your girl friend used it and it worked doesn’t mean it will work for you. Know your allergies and read the labels.


  • Drying Pimples

Next time you have pimple try applying toothpaste gently to it. It is a quick way to dry out pimple.

pimples drying

  • Clean Your Makeup Tools

Dirty makeup tools (razors, brushes) are breeding grounds for bacteria. Ensure you clean your make up tool regularly.

Clean Your Makeup Tools

  • Eyeliner

Want your eye to appear less red? Wear white eyeliner. Always go for stay-proof eyeliners in order to prevent smearing.

eyeliner white

  • Scents

Scent is part of your beauty. Opt for perfumes with perfect blends.


  • Cheekbones

Applying bronzer under your cheek bone gives it structure and makes it appear higher.


  • Hair Lift

Adding a light gel or volumizing spray to your hair right before you blow dry is sure to give your hair a roots lift.

Hair Lift

  • Using Oil on your Skin

Quite contrary to the fact that oil causes plugging of the pores, using oil-based products can enhance skin condition.

Using Oil on your Skin

  • Handling Breakout

Using blotting papers is the fastest way to clean your skin of oily break outs.

Handling Breakout

  • Exfoliation

Exfoliation can be done daily to freshen your face. It is an easy way of removing dead skin cells.


  • Ready for Change

Different seasons will require different products.


SPFs are ideal for summer periods and moisturizer creams for winter.

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