Takeout Containers: Which One Should You Choose

People love takeouts and nowadays, every restaurant has to be ready for this situation. Those restaurants who have a smart owner, already have an app to make the clients’ lives easier. That app has an online ordering system that makes things easier for everyone. Not only this is convenient for the client and the restaurant, but this also means that they have to have takeout containers at all times.

Let’s all forget about the Styrofoam boxes. Nowadays, the demand for them has made people create containers of different shapes and sizes and, of course, uses. We even have reusable containers. You just need to find the ones that suit your business best. We recommend you go for these take out containers!

You can still use foam

These containers are made out of polystyrene foam material. It’s not a regular one when it comes to packaging and takeout containers. The most common package foam is named EPS, or expandable polystyrene foam.

You may have heard that the foam containers have something to say about the place they’re being used; they’re not necessarily some good ideas. EPS are cheap and are the most convenient option, but here comes the environmental problem. It’s not biodegradable and it’s a nonrenewable energy source, so the foam is not really the best material for the environment.

But if we are to be fair, we need to admit that they remain cool to touch, even if the food is very hot (that’s why they’re the best if you want to pack hot liquids, such as soup). But, if you want to put in there a hot sandwich, then you’re going to encounter a problem, as the container can become moist.

Are paper containers back?

People know the paper containers from when they take Chinese takeout food. But that’s not all – they can be used for many other foods, since they can be microwaved without any problems.

The only bad thing is that, as the foam container, the paper container keeps the moisture in, hence the problem with hot food. Also, they can be very hard to keep on hand, if the food is too hot. You can make something work, by using containers that have handles, or the cartoon ‘sleeves’ of putting it in a shopping bag. It also takes care of our planet.

Is plastic one of the choices?

There are many forms of the plastic that are not good for mother Earth. But it does make a better takeaway container. Many biodegradable materials make from plastic-like have been made lately and they’re a great container, and a good friend to the environment, if we are to compare them to the basic plastic containers.

However, you need to keep in mind that people tend to wash them, then reuse them, and not all of them are good for this thing.


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