My Kid Is Not Eating Anything – Answer!


Many people ask – My Kid Is Not Eating Anything. There are many reasons when your kid is not eating anything or if your kid is not eating properly.


Reason 1:

Kids should be feed after every 4 hours, when you will ever try to make a gap or you are not feeding them on time. They will stop eating or sometime they will weep and would not eat properly.


Reason 2:

Sometime kids are not eating food, because they have a bite injury on their tongue. When they eat it gives them pain, in result they will stop eating. In this situation feed them liquids like soup, fresh juice, mashed rice and mashed potato.


Reason 3:

This is the most common condition, new mothers usually faces this. Please don’t follow a repeated diet plan when you have kids. Make something nice and new daily otherwise your kids won’t eat properly or some would stop eating because they don’t like it.


Reason 4:

This is a bad thing if this is happening to your kid. Don’t fight or abuse in front of your kid even if your kid’s age is in months, you will never understand but your kid will note the fight and be very scared of this, in result your kid will stop eating. 18% kids even die in the world due to this reason ( Please Avoid Fighting When You Have Kids )


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