Mouth Ulcer Treatment With These 3 Homemade Remedies

mouth ulcer treatment

Here are 3 mouth ulcer treatment remedies that you can make at home easily.

Black tea:

To treat the mouth ulcers, drinking tea might not be as effective as placing a used, moist tea bag upon your sore. These simple black tea bags contain the essential tannin with astringent properties which effectively heal the ulcers. A good thing is that you can use the same tea bag over and over again; the tea bag use to make ice tea is the best option.

Black tea


Chewing cabbage will reduce mouth ulcers to a larger extent .For this you can chew raw cabbage leaves daily two to three times or you can take concentrated cabbage capsules if available. Cabbage has amazing ingredients that can completely heal the sore in just two to three days. Grind the cabbage leaves and apply as a paste directly upon the canker sore .It might burn for some while but you will get rid of the canker sore very easily through this natural home remedy .It is better to swallow or ingest the chewed or applied leaves because cabbage has some healing property which acts after the absorption.




Raw coconut is another best remedy to treat mouth ulcers .The milk from the coconut fiber will soothe your ulcers therefore chew coconut slices as many times you can

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