Lose Weight Fast With These 10 Homemade Weight Loss Drinks

lose weight fast

Lose weight fast is not everything, being fit and healthy is more important. If you are healthy but fat; then it is ok, but if you’re skinny and weak then it is not OK. There are many factors that we can’t even think can make us fat, the most important of them is stress. There are no special foods that can help you in losing weight, but here are the best 10 homemade weight loss drinks which make you lose weight fast within weeks.

  1. Cinnamon Tea

The thing that affects your weight the most is your blood sugar level, if the level is balanced in your body then the body would not store the fats. The best thing to maintain the level of blood sugar in your body is cinnamon tea; you can make it simple and spicy as well.

weight loss cinnamon tea

  1. Lemon and Black Pepper Juice

In the battle of weight loss, this is the tastiest juice that can help you a lot. Lemon juice is very beneficial for a lot of the things in your body, its preparation is easy as just some water, lemons and black pepper are needed.

lemon and black pepper juice

  1. Lukewarm Water

For losing weight, another very best thing to do is to drink lukewarm water every day. All you have to do is drink eight ounces of fresh water every day and to lose weight quickly you need to take water in the Luke warm form.

lukewarm water

  1. Sip On Sage

Making this drink is such an easy thing that you can do it in some minutes, take sages fresh or dry and add it in boiling water. You can also add lemon if you don’t like the taste.

Sip On Sage

  1. Rose Petal Water

Not only for weight loss, but rose petal water is used for many other purposes as well and is excellent for the human body. Take handful petals, dry or fresh both can be used. Add these petals in distilled water while making the solution make sure that the petals are free from all sorts of chemicals.

rose petal water

  1. Green Tea and Ginger

The other name of green tea is weight loss tea, for losing weight this is the best homemade tea that you can use without worrying about any side effects.

Green tea and Ginger

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice And Honey

Apple cider vinegar is the best asset to boost your metabolism system, add lemon juice and honey to taste and you will be amazed to see the results.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemon Juice And Honey

  1. Carom Seed Water

Boil carom seeds and add water in it, drink this after every meal for five days and check results.

Carom Seed Water

  1. Green Tea Protein Shake

Green tea is healthy for the human body as it contains a lot of vitamins in it; add grapes, avocados and spinach leaves in it.

Green Tea Protein Shake

  1. Strawberry and Banana Shake

This shake is best to be taken in the morning; you can add bananas in sliced form with fresh strawberries and chop them altogether. After blending, add ice in the shake and enjoy the best taste.

Strawberry and Banana Shake

The above mentioned are the best 10 homemade weight loss drinks that are the best to shed pounds without any side effect.

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  1. Itx ausome i try few. Dayz ago the ginger tea and itx superb and worked but plZ can u upload a video to get a healthy skin bcuz my skin colr iz yellow

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