Keep Your Skin Glowing This Summer

Summer is the perfect time to flaunt stylish dresses and chic accessories like sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats. This season can also be challenging if you have naturally oily skin, since there is lots of moisture in the air. While skin that is well-moisturized can keep you looking youthful and prevent fine lines and wrinkles in the future, you may want to know how you get a healthy glow without looking too oily. Whether you’re looking for face wash for oily acne prone skin or need to know how to balance the moisture in your complexion and even your skin tones, these practical tips will ensure that you can put your best face forward during the warmer months of the year.

Get Enough Fluids

Remember that water is extremely important for cleansing your skin internally and externally. Drinking plenty of water during the summer will rid the body of toxins and keep you from getting dehydrated. In addition to water, you can enjoy beverages that quench the thirst like green tea or coconut water. These drinks also soothe the skin and remove impurities from the body so that your skin looks youthful and your complexion is balanced. Green tea also has the ability to remove dead skin cells from the body and reduce inflammation, which is definitely beneficial if you suffer from breakouts.

Exfoliate Often

Since the air will be especially humid in the summer, you may find that you need to exfoliate more often to get rid of dead cells and reveal a healthy glow. Simply adding moisturizer to your skin isn’t enough; you’ve got to get rid of debris that has accumulated on your skin due to extended time in the sun and the free radicals in the environment. You can apply your face wash to an exfoliating sponge to thoroughly cleanse the skin, or you can make your own exfoliator. Combine salt or sugar with coconut oil and your favorite extract for a cleanser that you can use on your face and entire body for radiant summer skin. The scrub is safe to use two to three times a week. Of course, you can also use this exfoliator a few times a month in the winter to keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Cleanse and Moisturize

Because of the heat that can cause you to sweat excessively and develop an oilier complexion than you would in the fall or winter, you need to make sure you cleanse your skin thoroughly in the summer. Be sure to wash your face morning and night with a gel-based cleanser that will remove oil and dirt without leaving your skin too dry. If you have acne prone skin, a cleanser that contains Aloe Vera and cucumber is great for the summer, since these can soothe the skin and prevent/treat dark marks.

Even though you may feel that your skin is overly moisturized during summer, you’ll still need to apply moisturizer to the skin. This provides an emollient that protects your complexion from toxic substances in the environment and/or the harsh rays of the sun. To make sure that your face isn’t too oily throughout the day, apply moisturizer to your face at night. This not only helps your skin retain moisture, but can keep fine lines from forming.

Use Sunscreen

No matter how long you’re going to be in the sun, make sure that you’ve applied sunscreen to your face and body. Your sunscreen should have an SPF of at least 30 for optimal protection. Sunscreen helps to shield you from the sun’s UV rays that can lead to skin cancer, and can prevent your skin from aging prematurely. If you’re going to the beach or the pool, use a waterproof sunscreen and reapply every 30 minutes to make sure the sunscreen is effective.

Mind Your Diet

Finally, make sure that you pay attention to what you’re eating. The foods you indulge in the most are bound to show up in your complexion. Summer is often time when you’re indulging in foods like ice cream, barbecue and other fried treats. Remember that eating high amounts of sugar can make the skin oilier, and salt can dehydrate the skin and cause inflammation. Enjoy fruits that are abundant in the summer, such as watermelon to keep your skin hydrated and cucumbers to decrease inflammation. Green juices and meals like sushi are light, low in salt and sugar, and will help you maintain your summer glow.

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