How To Remove Stretch Marks In 30 Days?

how to remove stretch marks

This is a very effective remedy to how to remove stretch marks in one month. It also helps in hair growth and treating wounds.


Aloe Vera: Half to one cup fresh gel
Coconut oil: Half cup
Steel pan


1.Take few Aloe Vera leaves and extract fresh gel.
2.Put this gel in a steel pan.
3.Add coconut oil in the pan and mix well with Aloe Vera gel.
4.Heat the pan and bring the mixture to boil.
5.Don’t get closer to the boiling pan.
6.Heat the mixture till Aloe Vera get get totally burnt and turns black.
7.Switch off the flame and strain the mixture in a clean bowl with the help of a sieve.
8.Apply this mixture on the stretch marks and massage gently.
9.Keep the mixture applied on the marks for 10-12 hours .
10.Its better to leave it overnight.
11.Wash it with normal water.
12.Save rest of the mixture in a clean bottle for future use.

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