How Marigold Flower Can Remove Tan From Your Skin?

marigold flower

This is a very effective marigold flower mask to remove two shades from your skin. have a look at the complete homemade remedy.


• (GENDEY KEY PHOOL)Marigold flower petals: one cup

marigold flowers
• Carrot: three table spoons of grated and rushed pulp

carott grated
• Oatmeal: Two table spoons

• Yogurt: Two table spoons

Plain yogurt
• Almond oil: one table spoon

Almond oil
• Coca butter cream: Two table spoons

Coca butter cream
• Aloe Vera Gel: Two teaspoons

Aloe Vera Gel
• Lemon juice: two teaspoons

Lemon Juice white heads
• Milk powder: Two table spoons

Milk powder


marigold flower

Take a clean bowl and add all the ingredients one after another. When all the ingredients are added put these ingredients in a blender and mix well .You don’t need a very thick consistency of the blend ,if it became more thick then you can add some more yogurt ,almond oil and coca butter cream to soften the mixture. A fine paste is formed. Apply this paste to your face and leave for thirty minutes to dry .Once dried wash with Luke warm water. If you have extra paste left you can apply it on other body parts to get rid of tan lines which became tan by the sun. Apply this paste once or twice weekly depending on the intensity of tan lines.

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