Hair Fall Solution And Cure Baldness

Hair Growth Treatment

This is a magical hair fall solution treatment for your hair growth and those who are thinking for a hair implant or similar treatment should first try this simple oil-massage therapy with guaranteed result.

Hair Growth Treatment


Onion:1 medium to large(Add some water in a blender with onion pieces and make a fine paste)
Olive oil:1/2 cup
Aloe Vera :1 inch leaf piece fresh


1.Take a clean steel pan and pour olive oil into it.
2.Add Aloe Vera leaf pieces into the pan.
3.Heat the mixture for about 15 minutes on low flame to prepare Aloe Vera oil.
4.Cool the mixture and pour it in a bowl.

Hair Growth Treatment

5.Add the onion paste into the Aloe Vera mixture thoroughly.

Hair Growth Treatment

5.Strain this final mixture with the help of a clean sieve and pour the filtrate in an air tight jar.

Hair Growth Treatment

6.Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair one hour before a bath.
7.Repeat this procedure twice a week and you will guaranteed result in just few weeks.
8.CAUTION: Don’t apply this mixture to your RE-BONDED hair.

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