Exfoliating Tomato juice Remedy For Tan Skin

tomato juice

This tomato juice remedy will make your skin fresh and you can get rid of sun tan patches from your body and face.


Wheat flour: 4 tablespoon

Wheat flour
Rice flour: one table spoon

Rice flour
Tomato: juice from 1 big tomato

Chilled milk: As sufficient to make a thick paste


Chilled milk: As sufficient to make a thick paste



• Take a clean bowl and add four tablespoon of wheat flour in the bowl
• Add one tablespoon of rice flour
• Squeeze the big tomato in the bowl to take to the juice, remember you don’t need the pulp here, and only drop juice in the bowl
• Start pouring the milk while beating the mixture to a fine paste
• When a thickly consisted texture is achieved stop pouring the milk.
• Mix all the ingredients well and apply some paste to your palm
• Run the palm against each other first and then apply the paste to your body where the tan lines appear
• You can rub this exfoliator to your legs, feet, arms and hands. Don’t forget the knees and elbows.
• Apply the paste on your face and rub gently to exfoliate the dead cells.
• Leave the paste for 15 minutes on the body and wash with normal water to get rid of tan lines effectively

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