3 Home Remedies For Burns


These 3 home remedies for burns are simple solutions to mask off the burn glitches like , blisters, pain and scars. Remedy 1 Ingredients: • Apple cider Vinegar: 4-5 table spoon or according to the burnt area • Sea salt: 2-3 table spoon or according to the burnt area • […]

Home Remedies For Lice And Nits Treatment


Here you will see home remedies for lice and nits to get rid of them by applying the below mentioned home remedy. Remedy 1 Ingredients: Almonds: 10 Lemons: 10 -12(4 table spoon juice) Method: Take ten almonds ,first peel the skin and then crush them,take ten to twelve lemons and […]

Best Home Remedies For Dandruff


These three home remedies for dandruff are the real solution of your dandruff problem. For best result repeat each remedy several times a month. Ingredients pumpkin oil:Enough to cover your scalp almond oil: Enough to cover your scalp Method 1. considering the thickness of your hair or size of your […]

Mouth Ulcer Treatment With These 3 Homemade Remedies


Here are 3 mouth ulcer treatment remedies that you can make at home easily. Black tea: To treat the mouth ulcers, drinking tea might not be as effective as placing a used, moist tea bag upon your sore. These simple black tea bags contain the essential tannin with astringent properties […]

Morning Sickness And Homely Remedies For Easy Pregnancy


Morning sickness is one of the important thing to deal with during pregnancy. Pregnancy is considered to be the toughest time of a woman’s life. A pregnant woman has to undergo many biological changes during this period. Some of these changes prove beneficial for her while other may prove irritating […]

Chukhandar Beetroot Benefits For Skin Whitening


There are a lot of beetroot benefits. It has amazing ingredients that increase your blood contents. As healthy circulation and blood flow is responsible for the skin glow and whitening, beetroot (Chukhandar) is therefore used in many skin care and facial care products to enhance your beauty and freshness. This […]

Best Henna For Hair Fall And Split ends


Here you will see how henna for hair works to stop hair fall and split ends by using the homemade remedy. Hi friends! A lot of viewers requested to post an amazing recipe or tip for the split ends problem. Here is a workable solution for your hair fall and […]

Healthy Tips For Extra Large Bodies Women


There are many health tips for men and women. The fat that lies just underneath your skin in the greater part of your body – the kind you can get with your hands – is called subcutaneous fat. In your belly, it’s called instinctive fat on the grounds that it […]

Best Homemade Shampoo Recipe For Dry, Dull, & Dandruffed Hairs


Homemade shampoo recipe for dry hairs, dull hairs and dandruffed hairs will work for all age of men and women. This natural shampoo recipe will make your hairs enough grown, dandruff free and silky. Please follow the below mentioned shampoo recipe homemade in urdu and get you desired hairs. See […]

How To Born A Fair Complexion Baby? Best Recipe In Urdu!


Borning a fair complexion baby is the wish of almost all the parents in the world. Having a fair complexion baby values you a lot in every field of life. Those who are wishing to have a fair complexion baby or colored eye baby and waiting for their new guest, should […]

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