How To Make Chicken Bread Pizza? Instant Kids Lunch Recipe!


Everybody loves to eat pizza but the issue is that making pizza is not a cheap thing. Here is a recipe of bread pizza that is extremely cheap and easy-to-make. Now you can easily make bread pizza with the help of regular white bread and some simple ingredients. Ingredients In […]

How To Make Beef Burger Yourself At Home?


Most of the Pakistanis love to eat traditional Pakistani food on regular basis but sometimes every person wants to get a bite of different taste. Going to McDonalds or KFC is quite entertaining but not everybody can afford the expensive prices of fast food available on these fast food outlets. […]

How To Make Pure Mango Juice At Home?


Summer season is time for juices, ice-cream and lots of water. Packaged juices are not safe for health as one doesn’t know about the contents that are included in these juices. Here is a safe, healthy and easy recipe for pure mango juice. Now you can easily make mango juice […]

How To Make Suger Free Desserts For Diabetics At Home?


Diabetic people have to lead their lives with extreme caution. They can’t eat anything that disturbs their health. This is the reason that diabetic people have to suppress their sugar cravings. Here is a recipe of healthy sugar free dessert that will not only provide satisfaction to your sweet tooth […]

How To Make Delicious White Chocolate Cake In Microwave


Most of the women are not able to bake cakes due to absence of baking oven in their homes. Our white chocolate cake is not only easy to make but it can easily be prepared in microwave oven. Ingredients You are going to need following ingredients for this white chocolate […]

How To Make Chicken Malai Tikka Boti At Home?


Most of the people love to eat chicken malai boti but one cannot afford eating it on regular basis because of its expensive cost charged by the restaurants. Here is an easy five minute recipe to prepare chicken malai boti at home. Just follow this recipe and prepare chicken malai […]

How To Make Chicken Manchurian Special Recipe At Home?


Making Chicken Manchurian at home never seemed like an easy task. But now, with the help of this easy recipe, you can prepare this dish just within few minutes and amaze your guests with your flawless cooking skills. Ingredients You are going to need the following ingredients for this easy […]

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