How To Make Chicken Pakora Recipe?


Tasty chicken pakora with spicy ketchup makes the meal joyful and pleasant. You can learn how to make pakora chicken recipe in minutes if you follow the below mentioned technique and ingredients in a proper way. Recipe (In English) – INGREDIENTS Chicken (250 Gram) Chickpeas Flour (4 Tablespoon) Baking Powder […]

Tasty Chicken Stir Fry Recipe


How to make chicken stir fry at home is mentioned below. You can try this easy stir chicken recipe by following the below mentioned recipe. INGREDIENTS – (IN ENGLISH) Chicken Strips (1/2 KG) Onion (1 Medium Size) Tomato (1 Medium Size) Bell Pepper/Capsicum (1 Medium Size) Chopped Onion (1 Medium […]

How To Make Reshmi Kabab Tikka?


Get to know making the tasty reshmi kabab tikka at home. Having dinner with this tikka reshmi kabab recipe will double the taste and illuminate the whole eating environment. INGREDIENTS METHOD TO MAKE THE RESHMI KABAB TIKKA You can serve this reshmi kabab tikka recipe with cold drink, dahi ka […]

How To Make Chicken Manchurian? Complete Recipe In Urdu


You can get to know how to make chicken manchurian recipe at home by just following below simple method. This┬ámanchurian recipe is a favorite recipe by a lot of people and they eat it as lunch or dinner. Please try and have a look at the below mentioned recipe: Ingredients […]

Easy Asian Noodle Recipe Fried


Now you can make asian noodle recipe at home by following the below mentioned egg noodles recipes. This noodle recipe is eaten all around the world at a great extent. Try this fried noodle recipe, you will enjoy for sure eating it with your friends and family. INGREDIENTS TO MAKE […]

Mash Dal Keema Recipe


Mash dal keema recipe is easier to make at home by following the below mentioned recipe. Have a look to make keema dal mash recipe to enjoy your dinner. Recipe and method: Serve dal keema recipe with cold drink, dahi ka raita and salad including cucumber, onion and curry pata.

Chilli Chicken Dry Recipe


Learn how to make Chilli Chicken Dry Recipe at home, this dry chilli chicken is very easy to make. Follow the recipe as it is and here you go. INGREDIENTS Chicken (250 Gram) Half teaspoon black pepper Half teaspoon Salt 3 Tablespoon Cornflour Water Oil to fry ginger/garlic paste Bell […]

Tasty Keema Samosa Recipe


Keema samosa recipe is much easier to make at home, for that you need to follow the below recipe to make them in a proper way. Samosa keema is a favorite fast food recipe for samosa lovers all around the world. Keema samosa recipe and cooking method mentioned below: You […]

How To Make Nargisi Kofta?


Nargisi Kofta is a tasty and ideal dish for a lot of people in the world especially in the subcontinent. You will need a complete guideline to follow to cook nargisi kofta at home. Given below is given the complete recipe for nargisi kofta to follow. Please have a look […]

How To Make Lamb Kofta Curry?


To make lamb kofta curry recipe at home, you need to follow this simple guideline. A lot of people like to eat this recipe as the lunch or dinner because it tastes good. If you are looking for making tasty mutton kofta curry recipe at home then you need to […]

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