Peanut Chikki Recipe


Here is how to make Peanut Chikki recipe at home, please also love to use peanut oil while cooking this recipe. Ingredients: Sugar –        1 cup Peanut –       1 cup Oil Method: Put 1 cup sugar in a pan, add oil and heat. Keep stirring until the color changes to dark brown. Add […]

Fried Wings Recipe


Here is how to make friend wings recipe with the detailed method mentioned below: Ingredients: Wings                         1kg Ginger garlic powder 1 tab Salt to taste Vinegar                       1tab Black pepper               1tab Paprika 1tab Mustard powder          1 tab Chilly garlic sauce       2tabs Batter preparation: Flour                          4 tabs Corn flour                  4tabs White pepper            […]

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe By Chef Gulzar


Learn how to make gajar ka halwa recipe at home. This recipe is shared by chef Gulzar (chef gular gajar ka halwa recipe). So lets see how to make this delicious gajar ka halwa at home. INGREDIETNS Carrot 1 KG (Grated) Green Cardamom Powder (Sabaz Elachi Powder) Oil/Desi Ghee (1 […]

Garlic Chicken With Soya Sauce And Fried Rice


Garlic Chicken With Soya Sauce And Fried Rice is easy to make at home, and it can be done by following the below mentioned recipe. Ingredients: Oil 3 tabs Garlic 1 tabs Boneless chicken 250g Green chili ½ cups Black pepper   1 teaspoon Salt                  1 teaspoon China salt         1 teaspoon […]

How To Make Chinese Egg Roll Recipe?


Here is a complete chinese egg roll recipe method to make at home, you can follow the below mentioned recipe for egg rolls to enjoy it at home. Ingredients: Egg                              3 Milk                            1 cup Black pepper               1 teaspoon Salt                              ½ teaspoon Spring onion                1 cup Onion                           1 cup Carrot                           1 […]

Egg Pakora Recipe In Hindi


Egg pakora recipe in hindi is as easy to make as you think. You just need the following ingredients to make the recipe in a popper and accurate way.   Ingredients: Chickpea flour        1 bowl Red chili powder    1 tbs Salt                         1 tbs Dhania powder       1teaspn Chaat masala          1teaspn Chinese […]

Pizza Dough Recipe, Easy To Make At Home


Here is how to make easy pizza dough recipe at home by following the below mentioned pizza recipe. Ingredients: Plain flour      1/2kg Dry milk         2 tabs Yeast               1tbs Oil                    2tbs Icing sugar       1tsp Salt                  1/2tsp Lukewarm water Oil                    2tbs Method: Plan flour, dry milk, yeast, 2tbs oil, icing sugar, ½ […]

Bhel Puri Recipe


To make bhel puri recipe at home, you have to follow the below mentioned recipe in a propper way. Bhel Puri Recipe Ingredients: Tomato Boiled Potato Onion Black salt Chat masala ( mix well all above ingredients) Half packet Bhel puri Pomegranate 1cup Mint Coriander Green chili Lemon juice Bikaneri […]

Paratha Recipe Step By Step


If you have been trying to make Lachha Paratha Recipe all your life and have badly failed in it then here is the easiest recipe of Lachha Paratha to help you become a perfect cook! Ingredients Wheat flour……… bowl Powdered Milk… tablespoon Carom seeds……….half teaspoon Salt………………………one teaspoon or according to […]

How To Make Monte Cristo Sandwich Instantly?


It may sound slightly weird to those people who are unfamiliar with the monte cristo sandwich. This is a strange combination of savory and sweet. But if you’re of those who dip their bacon in a maple syrup then you would love it. It’s a combination of savory/ sweet, custardy/pillowy, […]

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