Easier Ways To Make Spicy But Healthy Foods At Your Home


In the busy world, we always look for the quickest and easiest way to do everything. Time is now at a premium, therefore everything that we do need to accommodate for our hectic lifestyle. This means many of our fellow citizens are unfortunately grabbing a slice of pizza or burger […]

Dungeness Crab With Acceptable Crabbing


Although the idea of live cooking cannot be appealed to everyone, the refreshment and compelling taste that this option provides is amazing. It is possible to live for some time before you eat, it is a limited area, but in an area where it can be done, it is easily […]

3 Creative, Healthy Uses For Cashews


When it comes to nuts, cashews are often the most overlooked. Peanuts and almonds are far more common, walnuts provide a bit more in terms of nutrition and Omega-3’s, and macadamia nuts are much creamier and more fun to snack on. You can usually find cashews tossed in an Asian […]

Chicken 65 Recipe In Hindi


This is an amazing chicken 65 recipe in hindi . You will never forget the tempting flavor once you try it. INGREDIENTS: Boneless chicken:half kg Egg:1 Maida:2.5 table spoons red chili powder:1 table spoons ginger garlic paste:1 tea spoon salt:half tea spoon black pepper:1 tea spoon Method: MIX ALL THE INGREDIENTS […]

Dum Keema Recipe At Home


Easy dum qeema recipe to make at home watch complete recipe below: Ingredients: Beef ,chicken or mutton mince(Qeema): one Kg Chaney: 4 table spoon powdered. yogurt: one cup Onion: one cup fried. All spice powder(Garam masala): 1 tea:spoon. black pepper: one tea spoon. kababcheeni: half tea spoon powdered ginger garlic […]

Bengali Food Recipe Chicken


This chicken bengali food recipe from Bengal is very simple but it tastes yummy and you can serve this dish on dinner or pack it in your kid’s lunch box as a healthy snack. Ingredients: Bone less chicken strips:1/2 KG Ground red chilli (kuti mirch): 4, tea spoon Salt: one […]

Delicious Cookies And Cream Puffs Recipe


Learn how to make delicious and easy cookies and cream puffs recipe at home, it will take your 30 minutes to make this recipe. Here are the ingredients you will need: INGREDIENTS Eggs (4) Egg Yolks (2) Chocolate Sandwich Cookies (25) Cups Half & Half (2) Granulated Sugar (1/4th Cup) […]

Gajar Ka Halwa Recipe By Chef Gulzar


Learn how to make gajar ka halwa recipe at home. This recipe is shared by chef Gulzar (chef gular gajar ka halwa recipe). So lets see how to make this delicious gajar ka halwa at home. INGREDIETNS Carrot 1 KG (Grated) Green Cardamom Powder (Sabaz Elachi Powder) Oil/Desi Ghee (1 […]

Pizza Recipe Without Oven – Quick Pan Pizza Easy To Make


Learn how to make Pizza Recipe without oven, This Pan Pizza is very delicious in taste, This chicken pizza recipe is very easy to make, follow this recipe as it is: Chicken Preparation 3 Tablespoon Oil Garlic 250 Gram (Boneless Chicken) 1 Teaspoon Salt 1 Teaspoon Red Chilli Powder Half […]