Best Skin Whitening Lotion Homemade

skin whitening lotion

This skin whitening lotion will save you from spending extra cash on expensive whitening brands. The ingredients used are used in high class whitening products but you can benefit from these ingredients by preparing this whitening lotion in your own home. Kojic powder is the most effective whitening ingredients used in world famous whitening cream, likewise the other ingredients are extracted from natural berries and fruits to refresh your skin with a whitening glow.

skin whitening


• Kojic powder: 2 table spoons
• Beta Arbutin Powder: 1 table spoon
• Licorice powder: 1 table spoon
• Milk essence or milk essence lotion: 3 table spoons
• Vitamin A capsules: 2 capsules


1. Take a clean bowl
2. Add the ingredients one by one and mix well
3. Make a consistent paste
4. Apply this lotion regularly on your skin.

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